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Dr Wod Cosmetic Clinic

Affordable Luxury

Enhance your beauty!

Dr Wod Cosmetic Clinic in Shepparton, Vic , is established to satisfy your desire for an honest advise followed by a scientific approach to achieve your aesthetic goals.

In managing our clients we adhere to scientific based procedures and the latest techniques to reach optimal natural results based on your unique requirements.

We are trained in both invasive and non-invasive treatment modalities, and typically utilise a combination to meet the needs of the patient

We will discuss all of the options available to achieve the most desirable outcome for you.

You want to...

- Restore facial volume?

- Soften lines and wrinkles ( relaxant toxins, Dermal Fillers) ?

- Add fullness to the lips?

- Treat acne and acne Scars?

- Get rid of dark spots?

- Get a smoother fresher looking skin?

We can surely help. Get in touch today.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.


What is beauty?​

We all know it when we see someone regarded as ‘beautiful’. But what is it that makes them so attractive?

The science of facial attractiveness

Studies across different cultures confirm that women are seen as beautiful if they have smooth skin, big eyes and plump lips – features which are at their best in your early twenties, when fertility is at its highest. 

And scientists believe that this combination of characteristics has evolved over time to ensure the continuation of our species.

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Cosmetic medicine is designed to meet the needs for clearer skin and enhanced looks for both women and men.

In the Market Place Medical Centre, our Cosmetic Physician Dr Wod Al Khateeb Looks after her clients from both sexes equally. 

What happens as we grow older?

Scientific research and technological advances have helped develop our understanding of the ageing process, especially what happens to our skin.

We all know young skin is smooth and plump, this is because the tissue is well hydrated. As we age, the water-retaining properties of our skin begins to decline, and, as a result, it will become drier and thinner and less able to restore itself.

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There is no age limits in cosmetic medicine.

For example, its only logical to deal with acne problem and enlarged pore as early as possible to prevent deep scaring.

In addition, the new concept in cosmetic medicine is to effectively slow the skin’s ageing process, so as to try and avoid unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery in the future. 

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