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What Thread lift ?

PDO is a safe & effective absorbable suture made from a biocompatible material called PDO, polydioxanone. With a decade worth of safety track record in surgery, PDO is a safe raw material that has been used for orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for wound closure. Starting 2004, PDO’s use has evolved so that it is applied for minimally invasive procedure such as for soft tissue approximation in minimally invasive thread PDO’s procedures.

What exactly does Thread Lift do?

Thread Lift does two things; firstly, the threads cause tension in the skin that gives an immediate lifting effect. Secondly the material that the threads are made from, PDO, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin which creates firmer skin.

Who can be a good candidate for PDO Lift?

PDO procedures are safe for adults with mild to moderate skin laxity, who keep up with healthy lifestyles and have maintained their weight for at least three months.

How long does the thread lift lasts for ?

The results can last for up to a year.

What are the Thread Lift After Care Instructions?

  • For 48 hours post treatment you can apply a cold compress on the treated area if required.
  • No pressure is to be exerted on the face.
  • Avoid excessive laughter and large facial expressions for at least 24 hours post treatment.
  • Elevate the treated area when sleeping, and sleep on your back – do not sleep with pressure on your face.
  • Antibiotics may be necessary after your treatment, your doctor will prescribe an appropriate treatment for you. Please take the medication as directed
  • Drink plenty of fluids, avoid very hot drinks and alcohol.
  • It is recommended to eat soft foods to avoid excessive chewing for 48 hours post treatment
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid exaggerated facial movements.
  • No strenuous exercise for 10 days post treatment, light exercise (walking) is OK.
  • No sauna or steam room use for 10 days post treatment
  • Avoid any activities where the treated area may get contaminated (ie. gardening, cleaning, etc) for 48 hours post treatment
  • Make up should be avoided for 24 hours post treatment, and thereafter a breathable foundation should be used.

Please note: it is completely normal to experience swelling, bruising and some discomfort after the treatment. You may also experience a tight, pulling feeling in the treated area also puckering or dimpling of the skin can happen which might take up to 3 weeks to settle.

How much does the procedure cost?

This varies between candidates, best to discuss this with the practitioner. 

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