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Pre-Wedding Beauty Plan.

Wedding celebrations are back in a big way in 2022, after two long years of cancellations and restrictions because of the Covid's 19 pandemic. Booking your cosmetic appointment to get your skin health needs taken care of is one of the most important aspect of preparing for your big day theses days.

So, to help simplify the journey to achieve your skin goals, here is a nice plan on which treatments, procedures, and products to consider–and when.


18-12 months before the wedding

3 things have to start this early or even earlier

1) laser hair reduction. It's just one less thing to worry about while honey mooning.

2) smile enhancement, (makeover)

consult a certified cosmetic dentist to take through all the options available: veneers, crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants,

Plan this as early as possible (if you have over 12 months, even better), but if your tooth misalignment is mild to moderate in severity, then 12 months should be enough time to perfect your smile

3) treating skin condition such as acne, melasma, dermatitis and rosacea.

If you have serious skincare concerns or troublesome skin, now's a good time to speak to us. We will advise you on your pre-wedding beauty regime, laser treatments, as well as oral medication. Sometime acne treatments can aggravate the skin before clearing acne, and might need to be taken for 6-12 months.

You can address any concerns about acne scarring once acne is treated.


9 months before the wedding

Antiwrinkle and Beautification treatment are getting more and more popular these days.

Ranging from lip, chin, cheek and jawline enhancements, eyebrow lift with antiwrinkle injection and some fine lines treatment to prevent the make up from sitting in them

these treatments can help you look more contoured and balanced or to prevent volume loss in the face that comes with years.


As long as they are within the natural proportions and not overly done, it can really give you that picture perfect look on your wedding day.


Having them gradually done as early as 9 months before the wedding would give you enough time to ensure you are happy with the subtle changes to your appearance. Add more, if needed, thought out the months ahead of the wedding.


6 months before the wedding

Try Out Laser Treatments

If your primary concern is eradicating sun spots or hyperpigmentation before your wedding, speak with us about the possibility of laser treatments.


Laser treatments work by sending pulses of highly concentrated light to the affected area—they penetrate the skin and heat and destroy the hyperpigmentation. This results in the hyperpigmentation spot turning into a scab, flaking off, and revealing brighter and more even-toned skin underneath.


Because of this, we recommends coming in for a laser consultation about four to six months before your wedding. This gives you enough time to assess how your skin reacts to the treatments—and gauge how long the downtime will be for your particular skin type—while also having the flexibility to tweak the treatments as needed.

This is also the time where I would introduce a high-strength retinol into your skincare routine, twice a week. It will give you long enough time to see the product take effect, and for your skin to respond.


We can advise you of skin peels, facials, skincare products to leave the skin tighter, clearer, plumper and more glowing in appearance. Topical vitamin C can brighten the skin and even out skin tone. It’s good to start early enough with this. That way, if you don't respond well to anything, you have enough time to make changes before the day itself.


4 months before the wedding

This is a good time to have the first session of three skin boosters treatments. The one we offer is a unique anti-aging, poly-revitalizing complex (HA, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants) that nourishes the epidermis by providing the ingredients that it needs to thrive. It creates the optimal environment for fibroblasts, which handle the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. We injected this solution into the very top layer of your skin (epidermis). This treatment has no downtime, and it’s done once every 4 weeks.


You can also choose to mix this solution with some of your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Platelets release growth factors that assist the human body in repairing itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue.


We can easily separate the platelet rich plasma from the blood through a process of centrifugation. Using your concentrated plasma allows the body to heal faster and more efficiently.


2 months before the wedding

The last thing you would want is a big bruise on your wedding day. If you would need any tweaksments as injectable treatments, this would be the best time.


Treatment this far out allows plenty of time for your skin to settle in the unlikely event that your skin has a mild reaction to treatment.


Your dentist will offer you an in-chair whitening treatment.


7 days before the wedding

Ditch Acids and Focus on Hydration

In order to avoid any skin irritation on the day of your wedding, some dermatologists and aestheticians may recommend that you stop using exfoliators or retinoids about a week prior to your wedding.

2-3 secessions of LED light therapy in the last week before the wedding is a good idea followed by our fantastic HA hydrating mask.


48 hours before the wedding

This would be your last session of LED followed by a good HA mask before the wedding.



24 hours before the wedding 

GIVE YOUR SKIN A REST, avoid the temptation to use any new skincare products on your skin, just in case you’re sensitive to them.


Lots of experts also recommend you drink two litres of water the day before your wedding, just to help flush out any toxins in your skin and ensure it's looking as glowy and full as possible on the morning of your wedding.


Relaxation and meditation helps by increasing the oxygen, which rejuvenates the skin, balancing your body and mind while transforming your body’s cells and tissues.


The day of the wedding

It is the time to have fun, leave all the worry behind you and pretend you are going to someone else’s wedding, you want to enjoy it more than anyone else. It is you big day and you want to remember how much fun it was, nobody knows about all the little details that was planned before (flower arrangements, centre pieces, lighting and so forth), it does not matter if they don’t go to plan.


Enjoy that cooling HA mask for 15 minutes before the make-up session starts.

and don't forget to drink your water to add to the glow from within.


Call our clinic today to discuss your needs (03) 5846 8881

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