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Description regenerating moisturiser for normal to dry skins, anti-ageing and moisturising properties.
Usage one pump AM and PM after serums.
Benefits Peptides help to stimulate collagen synthesis and provide
hydration throughout the day. Make-up tends to sit better after applying.
Key ingredients Hydroxyproline A potent skin regenerator present naturally in the skin for 360° action on the signs of age. Hydroxyproline, the precursor of collagen combined with the benefits of organic silicium for a global anti-age action: Stimulates production of collagen: +160%, improves the proliferation of skin cells +96% fibroblast proliferation, improves survival of skin cells and optimises the healing process.
Vitamin B5 or Panthenol Renowned as a skin repairer and regulator of water balance, it regenerates the skin hydration barrier. It triggers the synthesis of a precursor of fatty acids and sphingolipids which are essential for the formation of the lipid bilayer in the stratum corneum. Through this it contributes to repairing the skin barrier, improving hydration, reducing roughness and indirectly reducing inflammation. Its potent hygroscopic properties make it the reference hydrating agent.
Oleo-Complex Reconstituting nutrient complex containing argan oils and mango butter to give comfort and softness to dry skins. Argan oil is rich in essential omega-6 fatty acids and tocopherols (vitamin E) and prevents drying of the skin, but unlike other oils it also has a long-lasting action. Mango butter had potent emollient, regenerating properties and acts in synergism with argan oil to return comfort and suppleness to dry skins.
Suitable for Most skins especially normal to dry skin. Contraindications none.

5HP-YOUTH CREAM Normal to dry skin Regenerating effect- Hydrates - Nourishes

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