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Soothing care containing ingredients with hydrating properties and designed to protect sensitive and reactive skins from aggressions. 
 Usage: post-procedure, ten cent piece AM and PM or when needed, for reactive skins use when needed.
Benefits : calms inflammation and strengthens skin barrier and healing. 
 Key ingredients : Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide Potent skin regenerator. It plays a major role in protecting and repairing DNA. It also acts to regenerate essential molecules such as protein, collagen and fibroblasts. Synthesis: collagen: +54%, total proteins: +41%, fibroblasts: +20%.
In addition, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and increases resistance of the skin barrier. Hydroxyethyl Urea or H-Urea Is a potent hydrating agent for long lasting regeneration of the skin hydration barrier. It returns a plump effect to dry skin, improves elasticity and skin firmness.
Plant extract A complex of anti-inflammatory brown algae, soothing super oxygenated corn oil (re-establishes the equilibrium of skin mediators and restores the sensory equilibrium of the skin), healing mimosa (stimulates cell division and epithelialization) and a unique extract of DNA protective plankton.
Renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory properties and ability to relieve uncomfortable sensations. Mirabilis Jalapa extract Active ingredient for sensitive and reactive skin, to improve skin resilience. Extracted from the plant Mirabilis Jalapa, known by the name Wonder of Peru this active ingredient strengthens the epidermis and stratum corneum to improve resistance of sensitive skin and reactive skins to external aggressions.
Suitable for Most skins post-procedure and sensitive skins.
Contraindications broken skin or wounds


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